Why have a crossword?

Crossword settingEvery publication needs a crossword. It helps define your publication in a way that is enjoyable and that will endear your product to your reader.

A crossword is a great way to develop brand loyalty, to get people to look forward to your next publication, to give away a prize, to increase the price of the ad space on a page (after all, people spend a lot more time solving a crossword than they do reading a feature).

Many people buy a newspaper, for example, because of its crossword. When people discuss their newspaper, it doesn’t take long before the conversation comes round to the crossword especially if they’re cryptic fans. It helps people bond as they feel united in battle against the deviousness of the fiendish compiler.

But it doesn’t have to be a crossword, it can be any puzzle. Let us know your requirements and we may suggest something completely different. You may just want a series of quiz questions for your newsletter or an entire page of entertainment designed especially for you.