Why Have a Word?

Crossword and puzzle setting>We offer a bespoke service specifically designed for you. We are small enough to be able to cater to the individual needs of each of our clients, but have experience of supplying puzzles to the country’s best-selling newspaper, the best-selling magazine, the best-selling TV listings mag and the best-selling puzzle title.

We don’t use a program to generate the crosswords like our competitors. If you want any old crossword we’re probably not for you, but if you want one with personality that cannot be generated by computer, for example something compiled with a specific subject in mind or with cryptic clues (or both), then please get in touch.

Our clients include major bestselling and demanding publications both in the world of magazines and newspapers. At Have a Word, we have a broad range of knowledge so we can create crosswords which are entirely based around a theme — the subject of your publication — or anything you have in mind.